Quality and Environmental Manager in Sweden

Thomas manages quality and environmental systems, standards and certifications for the company.

My background

After studying Electrical Installations, I joined a major Swedish vehicle company, where I focused on the interiors of passenger cars. I started at one of Opus’ subsidiaries in 2000 as a vehicle inspector, and have worked my way up.

My skills and knowledge

Quality and Environmental managers need both an eye for detail and the ability to see the big picture. Most importantly, you have to be able to think through the future impacts of the decisions you make today. 

A solid understanding of the design and functions of vehicles will help.

This is a job for a people person. On a daily basis, I have to influence colleagues across the company. You need to understand how the human mind works.

Why Opus?
  • Opus aims for a safer and cleaner world: it is great to be able to do something good on a daily basis
  • You will have a broad range of opportunities to develop: Opus is growing across the world
  • Opus will not hold you back if you want to broaden your horizons
My advice to potential employees

You will learn something new every day. Be curious and challenge yourself constantly – the more you discover, the more you will grow.

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