2007 Press releases

17 December 2007
09:00 AM CET
2007-12-17 Opus signs a break through contract for the Italian market
15 November 2007
09:00 AM CET
2007-11-15 Opus acquires J&B Maskinteknik AB in Sweden
09 November 2007
09:00 AM CET
2007-11-09 Shares in Opus acquired by two members of the Opus Board of Directors
31 October 2007
09:00 AM CET
2007-10-31 Opus and ISC-Group launch Internet Portal for business vehicles at the SYSTEMS fair
25 October 2007
09:00 AM CET
2007-10-25 Success for Opus at Equip Auto in Paris and a new order for ETE
03 October 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-10-03 Opus subsidiary EWJ Teknik AS signs a contract in UK worth 8 MSEK annually
18 September 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-09-18 Opus appoint share issue at 6 MSEK
30 July 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-07-30 Opus and ISC-Group start an Internet Portal for Business Vehicles and Fleet Management
25 July 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-06-25 Opus gets a 2-4 MSEK order for equipment for environmental control at vehicle Inspection
05 July 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-07-05 Opus daughter company EWJ Svenska AB signs two-year contracts with Bilprovningen
31 May 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-05-31 Opus daughter company EWJ Teknik gets break through order from USA
07 May 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-05-07 Opus slutför förvärv av danska EWJ koncernen
13 April 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-04-13 Broadened owner base in Opus Prodox AB (publ)
11 April 2007
09:00 AM CEST
2007-04-11 Opus supplies Remote OBD test pilot for 5 000 vehicles to Oregon USA
19 March 2007
09:00 AM CET
2007-03-19 Opus and ISC Opcorner signs partner agreement to offer Fleet Management solutions to large and mid size fleet customers in Germany
12 March 2007
09:00 AM CET
2007-03-12 Opus signs agreement to acquire the Danish EWJ group and doubles its turnover

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