Repurchase of 2018/2022 500 MSEK Bonds

Following the offer to the shareholders of Opus Group AB (publ) (“Opus”), Ograi BidCo AB (“Ograi”) has as per 21 January 2020 confirmed that Ograi has acquired and become owner of 79,4 per cent of all outstanding shares and votes in Opus. The acquisition of the shares in Opus by Ograi constitutes a change of control event as further described in the terms and conditions for the 2018/2022 SEK 500,000,000 Senior Unsecured Callable Bonds (ISIN: SE0010625889), issued by Opus (the “Bonds”).


Opus press release

Notice of Change of Control Event


A Bondholder who wants to exercise its right of prepayment of its Bonds, shall complete a repurchase application form no later than 28 March 2020. A Bondholder who is a customer of Swedbank requests the repurchase application form by contacting (Swedbank acts as settlement agent on behalf of the Issuer). Please note that if a Bondholder is not a client of Swedbank, please turn directly to your nominee or contact Opus at in order to receive a repurchase application form.