POSTED 10 October 2018

Why every city needs a road safety authority

Opus Vice President of Strategic Business Development Magnus Greko calls for a road safety authority in every city and reduce air pollution.

“As we celebrate living standards in developing countries increasing and people having the funds to buy their own vehicles, let’s not forget the unintended consequences. Around 1.25 million people are killed on the roads every year worldwide – and the vast majority of them are in the developing world. In some African and Latin American countries, there are as many as 40 road traffic fatalities per 100,000 people each year.

Regular vehicle inspection, like the service we offer at Opus, is proven to significantly contribute to better road safety. In developing countries with mature vehicle inspection program and road traffic authorities, such as Chile and Argentina, the number of traffic fatalities is low. Wealthier countries, which have long taken action to reduce road traffic deaths, are working towards Vision Zero, where no-one will be killed on the roads.

Regular vehicle inspection can also tackle the challenge of clean air in cities. In 2016, more than four million deaths were attributable to ambient air pollution. Vehicle emission testing is proven to be able to identify polluting vehicles – which can then be taken off the road and maintained.

With programs across Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe, Opus is a global leader in vehicle inspection. We perform over 30 million vehicle inspections a year, partnering with government agencies to reduce traffic fatalities and improve air quality.

Our turnkey vehicle inspection programs take the form of Public-Private partnerships and require no upfront government investment in inspection facilities or infrastructure. Opus is also a leader in anti-fraud technology – with programs that are reliable, accurate and that reduce the potential for human error and fraud.

At Opus, we believe that every city should have a road traffic authority. Introducing a vehicle inspection program can help fund it. Contracts last 10 to 20 years, so vehicle inspections can generate a revenue stream for the state over time. This can be used to help fund road safety authorities, driver education and other measures to reduce traffic fatalities and air pollution.

I’ll be speaking at the UNIDO United Smart Cities Annual Meeting in Vienna on 12 October. Opus is a member of OiER, and during the event, I am keen to meet with cities and governments interested in vehicle inspection. I want to show how Opus’ partnerships with the authorities in Sindh in Pakistan and Santiago, Chile have helped governments achieve effective inspections, increase compliance and prevent fraud.

Let’s be clear. There are far too many preventable vehicle-related deaths in developing countries. Action is needed now to ensure vehicles are roadworthy and clean. We want every city to introduce vehicle inspections to help achieve the goal of sustainable cities.”

Find out more about Opus’ vehicle inspection programs and its commitment to sustainability.

If you would like to meet with Magnus during the UNIDO United Smart Cities Annual Meeting event, you can reach him on

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