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OPUS Technology Solutions AB (formerly Systech Sweden AB) is a company within OPUS Group dedicated to the development and delivery of technology solutions (including software and hardware) to our European operating partners.


Our products include those used by Opus Bilprovning AB to perform traditional periodic technical inspection (e.g. safety and emissions inspection systems) and by Opus RSE to perform emissions measurements of real driving emissions (RDE) on-road using contactless remote sensing devices (RSD).

OPUS Technology Solutions AB has been operational since 2013 in Stockholm and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OPUS Group AB, the stock exchange quoted holding company of OPUS Group which in turn is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


H2020 NEMO

NEMO (Noise and Emissions Monitoring and radical mitigation) is a research project funded by the European Commission to create a turn-key solution through which new systems are integrated into existing infrastructure to empirically measure emissions and noise emitted by individual vehicles. Opus TS participates in this research project with other 17 European companies. Opus TS is involved in technological developments of remote sensing solutions.

The new measurement systems to be developed in the project, together with the implementation of new mitigation solutions, will form a global and scalable solution to improve air quality and reduce noise impact in European cities. By the envisaged standardization, the systems will represent an instrument for enforcement against high-emitters in Low-Emission Zones and other sensitive areas.


For the acquisition of acquisition of customized printed circuit boards

For the acquisition of acquisition of customized mechanical components

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Opus TS office:

Skattegårdsvägen 122
162 50 Vällingby, Sweden
Office telephone: +46 (10) 804 99 10


President, Opus TS
Email: per.rosen@opus.se


Head of optics, Opus TS
Email: jose.juancolas@opus.se


Niranjan VESCIO
Director, Remote Sensing
Email: Niranjan.Vescio@OpusInspection.com


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