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Opus is expanding its remote sensing offer in Europe, through its subsidiary Remote Sensing Europe (RSE), acquired in 2017. Today the company carries out remote sensing lab tests and research, and supplies Opus remote sensing equipment on a project basis. We expect these activities to expand to meet the growing need to identify polluting vehicles in real world driving conditions on the road.

New EU legislation authorizes remote sensing

In the wake of the Volkswagen scandal, the EU has drafted legislation authorizing and recommending the use of remote sensing as a method to identify vehicles with suspiciously high real driving emissions, which may be using defeat mechanisms or manipulation to evade emission regulations.

The European Commission has applied strong pressure on nine Member States, and Germany in turn on 70 cities, to request new measures to comply with European clean air standards and Low Emission Zones. As a result, some authorities are now planning to use remote sensing data for market surveillance of certified new vehicle types and to identify defeat devices. These developments may open the door to expand our remote sensing activities in Europe to include widespread use in measuring and monitoring emissions on the road. This is an objective which two European Opus Group subsidiaries - OpusRSE and OpusTS - are working on.

Find out how remote sensing has been used to detect tampering:

  • Opus remote sensing helped to identify high NOx in Volkswagen diesels before the scandal. Read more
  • Opus RSE helped Danish police to target heavy duty diesel trucks fitted with defeat devices. Read more

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