Emission testing equipment

Opus' emission testing equipment is among the most advanced on the market. Our industry-leading System1® equipment performs on-board diagnostic (OBDII), accelerated simulation mode (ASM), two speed idle (TSI), and gas cap testing. We also provide low-pressure fuel evaporative emissions (EVAP) testing in California.

We sell equipment-as-a-service (EaaS) solutions to independent stations under decentralized testing programs and also provide specialized equipment for turnkey program management contracts with government agencies. We have deployed over 50,000 emission testing systems across the U.S. and in international markets, offering a world-class service and technical back up to all our customers.

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Our equipment

System1® ASM

A five-gas emission analyzer that delivers fast, accurate results through a simple tailpipe test.

System1® OBD II

Fast, accurate and easy-to-use plug-in system to check the vehicle's emission systems and components are working correctly.

System1® Two Speed Idle

A fast, effective and easy -to-use tailpipe test system that measures emissions with the engine idling at high and low speeds.

CAL-EVAP Fuel Tank Tester

Opus offers an all-in-one solution for fast, easy and reliable low pressure evaporative testing (EVAP) in California.

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