CAL-EVAP Fuel Tank Tester

Opus offers an all-in-one solution for fast, easy and reliable low pressure evaporative testing (EVAP) in California.

Our EVAP solution is certified by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) to inspect for evaporative emissions control problems such as fuel tank and vapor line leaks as part of the state's Smog Check Program. The test is required for all 1975-1996 model year vehicles.

The ESP equipment is a self-contained, automated, all-in-one unit that's easy to use. Fast-pass and fast-fail algorithms speed up test times and EVAP comes equipped with a manual mode that uses audio signaling to assist technicians in diagnosing leaks.

Opus EVAP advantages
  • Fast test time
  • Proven to reduce emissions
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Fully automated test
  • Automated software updates
  • Built-in ETS communication interface
  • Built-in diagnostic software
  • Automatic transfer of test records through the Opus Vehicle Inspection Database (VID)

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