Nashville Vehicle Inspection Program

Centralized emission testing through six stations in the Nashville Metro area.

Opus provides a complete centralized vehicle emission inspection service in Nashville and Davidson Counties under contract to the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (METRO). The program includes six inspection stations with 36 lanes as well as mobile inspections systems to serve fleet operators and motorists in remote areas of the county.

Services include fully-automated inspection systems, real-time communication of all inspection-related data in all inspection lanes, and integrated vehicle registration services.

All our stations provide a 'one-stop-shop' for vehicle registration, offering registration renewal services right in the inspection lane. Motorists find this efficient service very convenient, saving them an extra trip to the registration office.

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Opus’ response to TDEC's Noninterference Demonstration

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, in response to a legislative directive from the Tennessee General Assembly, conducted analyses to determine whether Tennessee counties that have motor vehicle inspection and maintenance programs can end these programs and still meet the applicable federal air standards in those counties.  Opus, based on reports prepared by the independent firm Alpine Geophysics, LLC, disagrees with TDEC’s conclusion that these programs may be terminated.  Alpine’s report is attached.

Following is the link to TDEC’s two public hearings on this issue:  Both notices are under the October 18, 2019 date heading; one is for Hamilton County and the other is for Davidson and surrounding counties. Each of the two notices contains the “Notice of Hearing” and the “Demonstration of I/M Removal.” 

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