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Opus is a technology-driven, global leader in the Vehicle Inspection and Intelligent Vehicle Support markets.


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NEWS | 13 March 2019
13 March 2019
New York DMV earns Commissioners’ Recognition Program Award for web-based Certified Inspector Training program.

With over 50,000 independent vehicle inspectors, New York is the largest decentralized program in the United States. Opus has helped the DMV ensure an efficient pipeline of certified inspectors for the future.

NEWS | 26 February 2019
26 February 2019
Children do worse in schools with higher car pollution

New U.S. research shows that children who move to schools with higher levels of traffic pollution perform worse in tests – reinforcing the need for measures to control vehicle emissions.

NEWS | 08 February 2019
08 February 2019
Opus takes inspection to a new level in Rhode Island

Opus innovations are making vehicle inspection faster and more efficient in Rhode Island, and further reducing the risk of fraud or tampering in the State’s decentralized inspection stations.

Safer roads and cleaner air

Our Vehicle Inspection programs help reduce traffic fatalities and improve air quality worldwide. Through Intelligent Vehicle Support, we help ensure computerized vehicles function safely and correctly.


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We perform 30 million vehicle inspections around the globe every year.

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