Global Vehicle Inspection

Integrated, technology-based, vehicle inspection programs ensure roadworthiness

We provide turnkey vehicle inspection programs for government agencies around the world that:

  • Reduce traffic fatalities and improve air quality.
  • Are tailored to local needs and vehicle types.
  • Help governments achieve effective inspections, increase compliance and prevent fraud.
  • Require no up-front government investment in inspection facilities or infrastructure.
Automated processes for maximum efficiency

Our efficient inspection procedures and cloud-based data management systems apply consistent process and automation to the inspection process while reducing inspection time, human error, and the potential for improper inspections. Our extensive reporting suite provides detailed trend analysis and dashboards on program performance, enabling governments to benchmark progress against policy goals.

Fast, integrated testing system

The Opus integrated testing system enables complete inspection in a multi-position drive-through lane for fast throughput and better customer service. This design allows us to:

  • Position equipment logically, so the vehicle always moves forward.
  • Staff each lane with multiple inspectors by locating a workstation at each lane position.
  • Maximize throughput by standardizing the inspection time in each position.
  • Reduce any opportunity for fraud since each vehicle is observed by multiple inspectors.
  • Use RFID stickers to assist in program enforcement and reduce data entry time in future inspection.

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