Program Manager in United States

Stephen manages the Tennessee Vehicle Inspection Program, which tests around 1.6 million vehicles every year.

My background

I have a degree in Business Administration – and automobiles have always been my passion. As a student, I washed cars for a rental company on my vacations, working my way up through various management positions. I joined Opus in 2012 as Operations Manager, and was promoted to Program Manager in 2015.

My skills and knowledge

I am a people person with strong problem-solving skills.

In any management role, you must be able to communicate with people, especially when managing a multi-cultural workforce and people with diverse skills. I believe Opus thrives on thinking outside of the box.

My knowledge of business management, such as accounting, customer service and relations, and human resources have been a plus here.

Why Opus?
  • You will have opportunities for individual and professional growth in a customer- and employee-based environment. I truly believe in this company.
  • Opus has an outstanding track record of customer service, application of proven testing methods, and reporting.
  • You will work in a team focused on continuous improvement, by utilizing a diverse workforce and innovative technologies.
My advice to potential employees

Always strive for more. How can you better serve your customer(s)? What is your next role?

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