Making a difference in Argentina

Opus operates 10 inspection stations in Argentina, 7 in Buenos Aires and 3 in Córdoba.

In Córdoba, we are helping to increase inspection compliance and identify the faults that typically lead to accidents and contribute to air pollution.

‘One in every twenty road accidents in Argentina is caused by a mechanical failure of the vehicle in question,’ says central Córdoba station manager Nicolás. ‘The city of Córdoba has one of the country’s highest rates of traffic fatalities.’

Before Opus started operating vehicle inspections in Córdoba, compliance rates were very low. The city also had high concentrations of toxic nitrogen dioxide. ‘That is why, when we had the chance to take over the vehicle inspection concessions, we knew we could make a positive difference – while growing our business,’ he adds.

Increasing compliance

In the months since Opus introduced its advanced data management system and vehicle inspection software, the compliance rate has gone up by 9%. ‘Because of the robustness of our inspection and the increase in compliance, we are identifying deficient vehicles,’ he explains. ‘That means we are helping to take the most polluting and most unsafe vehicles off the road to have them maintained.’

Failing dangerous and polluting vehicles

He goes on to describe how his station operates: ‘There are six inspection lanes – four light-vehicle and two heavy-vehicle lanes. We inspect around 400 vehicles a day in our station. Many pass, but others fail because of problems that could be dangerous or polluting, such as missing safety features, faulty brakes, tires and suspension or high levels of CO2 or hydrocarbon emissions.’

A win-win for everyone

Opus intends to use the concessions to support its expansion across the country. As Opus’ President of Latin America Alfredo Granai remarks, ‘Our work in places like Córdoba is a win-win for everyone involved. The local government reduces road traffic accidents and minimizes pollution; we provide employment – in Córdoba, we support around 60 people; vehicles are safer and less polluting; and we now have a platform for growth across Argentina.’

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