Open market emission testing equipment

Opus emission testing equipment is among the most advanced on the market. Our industry-leading System1® equipment performs on-board diagnostic (OBDII), accelerated simulation mode (ASM), two speed idle (TSI), and gas cap testing. We also provide low-pressure fuel evaporative emissions (EVAP) testing in California.

We sell equipment-as-a-service (EaaS) solutions to independent stations under decentralized testing programs and also provide specialized equipment for turnkey program management contracts with government agencies. We have deployed more than 50,000 emission testing systems throughout the US and in international markets, offering world-class service and superb technical support for all our customers.

Current open market programs featuring Opus testing solutions

Opus currently maintains open market programs in California, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Learn about the Opus and ESP testing solutions available in each state below!

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ESP provides BAR-certified analyzer systems for all areas involved in the Smog Check program. Equipped with the latest in innovative technology, ESP's equipment meets the demands of the Smog Check program.

Check out the latest news and products (pdf)

Learn about the new System1® Gen3 (pdf)

Learn about ESP brand Low-Pressure Fuel Evaporative System Testing Solutions (pdf)



The New System1® Gen3--Your Phase V Solution

Technology is changing and so is the Georgia emissions testing program.  Opus is ready to take your business into the future.  Replace your aging analyzer with the new ESP brand Gen3 and get more without paying more.

Learn more about the New System1® Gen3 for Georgia (pdf)


North Carolina

ESP provides certified OBD emissions inspection equipment for all 48 counties affected by the North Carolina inspection and maintenance program.  ESP's new System1® Analyzer meets the demands of the North Carolina program.  Give your business a boost by adopting ESP's technological advances and making them the standard in your shop.

Learn more about the new North Carolina-certified System1® Analyzer (pdf)



ESP provides certified emissions testing equipment for all 25 counties affected by the PA Drive Clean Program.  ESP's new System1® Analyzer is ready to meet all Program demands. Give your business a boost by adopting ESP’s technological advances and making them the standard in your shop.

We have you covered! Learn more about our industry-leading tech support. (pdf)



ESP provides certified emissions analyzer systems for all 17 counties affected by Air Check Texas.  ESP's System1® product line of ASM, TSI, and OBD equipment meets the demands of the Air Check Texas program. Give your business a boost by adopting ESP’s technological advances and making them the standard in your shop.

​Learn more about the new System1® Analyzer, the reliable solution for Texas! (pdf)



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