Station Manager in Latin America

Nicolás manages a six-lane vehicle inspection station in Córdoba, Argentina.

My background

I studied mechanical engineering. Before I joined Opus, I trained mechanics at a university and at the institute of one of the vehicle manufacturers.

My skills and knowledge

Station managers need great technical skills. Your automotive knowledge and understanding of inspection procedures have to be excellent. You also require strong I.T. - I am responsible for management information for our station and prepare a lot of reports.

Interpersonal skills are key to the role. I lead a team of 17 people, and do my best to maintain a good working environment and keep people motivated. At Opus, we are very customer-focused, so I often have to talk to motorists too.

Why Opus?
  • You will work with professionals from different parts of the world
  • Opus' purpose is very important: we are collaborating to make roads safer and the air cleaner
  • You will be able to grow: I am developing in different professional areas thanks to the confidence the company has in me
My advice to potential employees

Never forget that our ultimate goal is to make cars safer and the environment cleaner. Always seek to improve the quality of care you give customers. And be open to learning new things constantly!

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