US emission testing

Advanced emission testing programs designed to increase compliance

The Opus team designs, builds, and operates emission testing programs in states and counties across the US, ‚Äčtailored to local requirements. We work closely with our government partners to help them increase compliance with air quality standards and achieve their public policy goals. We pioneered many of the leading emission testing platforms used in the US, and led the development of remote sensing, which measures vehicle emission from the roadside as vehicles drive by in real world conditions.

End-to-end emission testing services

Opus provides a complete range of services, including:

  • System design and setup
  • State-of-the-art testing station infrastructure and facilities
  • Vehicle inspection database (VID) for comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Staffing and training
  • Inspector licensing and certification
  • In-house software development, deployment, and maintenance
  • Program auditing and oversight (covert and overt)
  • Financial reconciliation and management
  • Public relations management and advertising
  • Call center support services for motorists

Leading edge equipment and technology

Opus provides all equipment and technology needed for a successful emission testing program, including:

  • BAR 97 certified gas analyzers ranging from idle speed to dynamometer based inspections, including TSI, ASM, and Transient (IM240)
  • Opacity meters for inspections of diesel vehicles both under load and unloaded (J1667).
  • On-board diagnostic (OBD) testing with the highest communication rates available
  • Highly reliable dynamometers for trouble-free operation
  • Gas cap testers to ensure leak-free vehicles
  • Evaporative emissions (fuel tank) testers with patented technology to ensure the consistent and repeatable testing

Automated processes for maximum efficiency

Our efficient inspection procedures and cloud-based data management systems apply consistent process and automation to the inspection procedure while reducing inspection time, human error, and the potential for improper inspections. Our extensive reporting suite provides detailed trend analysis and dashboards on program performance, enabling governments to benchmark progress against policy goals.

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