High emitter identification

Remote sensing can identify the worst polluting vehicles, enabling government agencies to target those that contribute disproportionally to our air quality problems.

Based on remote sensing high emitter screening results, authorities can issue notices of violation requiring the worst polluting vehicles to return for reinspection at an inspection station, or excluding them from low emission zones.

Alternatively, authorities can immediately pull over high emitting vehicles for a hands-on roadside inspection or issue non-punitive notices advising motorists that their vehicles may have an emission-related malfunction that should be fixed.

Checking vehicles between scheduled inspections

High emitter testing, which can be carried out at the same time as Clean Screen testing, complements a regular inspection program by checking vehicles in-between scheduled emission tests. High emitter testing can identify those vehicles that have been tampered with to pass a test fraudulently, or that have developed emission-related faults since their last test, thereby increasing compliance with emission standards.

This service can be provided as part of a Clean Screen program at little or no extra cost. Find out more.

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