Clean Screen

Clean Screen offers owners of the lowest polluting vehicles exemption from their next station-based emission test.

In Clean Screen programs, motorists can choose to have their vehicle emissions tested from the roadside by remote sensing. Vehicles identified as clean then get a Clean Screen notice in the mail. All they need to do is pay the test fees and they are done. There's no need to visit an inspection station.

Clean Screen testing is popular with motorists because of the convenience and the saving of time and money. Clean Screen fees can fund the entire remote sensing program, while the data collected can be used for many other valuable applications.

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Value-added services available with Clean Screen programs

Once a Clean Screen program is in place, Opus can provide a range of services at little or no extra cost, including:

  • High emitter testing
  • Program evaluation and fleet characterization
  • Car type surveillance
  • Evaporative emitter (EVAP) testing
  • Identifying emission test evaders

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