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Improving road safety and reducing vehicle pollution

Opus is a technology-driven, global leader in the Vehicle Inspection and the Intelligent Vehicle Support markets.

Innovative technology

Technology is key to our success.

Our in-house innovation capabilities make us unique in the Vehicle Inspection market, allowing us to stay ahead of our competitors with innovative IT solutions, testing methods, and equipment.

We are leading the way in offering Intelligent Vehicle Support for automotive service technicians as vehicle technology becomes increasingly computerized and complex.

Some examples of our innovations include:

  • The world’s most tested, validated, and accepted SAE J2534 devices for vehicle diagnostics and programming.
  • Cloud-based Vehicle Inspection Database, storing all inspection relevant data and creating reports for the authorities.
  • Remote Assistance Programming, which is an innovative, plug-in solution for automotive service shops who need to reprogram vehicle computers after repair.

Customer focus

We shape our offer around our customers, which are most often government agencies that confidently rely on our services and expertise. Other Opus customers included automotive service shops and vehicle owners.

We are proactive and well-versed in our customer’s world, understanding their demands and using our creativity to develop solutions that fulfill their existing and future needs.

  • We partner with government agencies, offering tailor-made vehicle inspection programs based on their mission and requirements.
  • We provide automotive service technicians with the tools, guidance, and technical support to service all automotive brands without the need for deep vehicle-specific knowledge.

Operational excellence

We are dedicated to continuous improvement, searching for the most efficient methods, technology, and equipment.

We avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and strive for short decision paths and a fast response to new opportunities.

Opus companies have a systematic approach to quality assurance, including compliance with ISO 17025:2017 - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

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