Driver Services

Automating the processes involved in administering driver road skills tests.

Opus Driver Knowledge

Road Skills Testing and Scoring

Opus Driver Knowledge is an integral application for testing and monitoring Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL) and non-CDL driver proficiency, safety, and performance. Opus Driver Knowledge delivers significant cost savings to agencies by automating the processes involved in administering driver road skills tests.

Rugged portable devices are configured to guide the examiner through each step of the process. Routes, GPS coordinates, and examiner notes accompany the test record providing a thorough account of events.

Opus Driver Knowledge securely transmits testing activities, test scores, and electronic signatures in real time to a central database for future viewing, printing, auditing, and reporting.

Opus Driver Skills

Automated Knowledge Testing and Scoring

Opus Driver Skills is a customizable, automated knowledge testing application for automobile, motorcycle, and commercial driver licenses.

Applicants take electronic exams on a touchscreen computer, and Opus Driver Skills intuitively walks them through the process. Opus Driver Skills can easily handle other types of knowledge testing, such as for professional licensing, employee training, student exams, and more.

Opus Driver Skills incorporates audio, video, and image files into the test questions to help applicants understand important topics. Tests can be presented in multiple languages to accommodate everyone. Results are score automatically, providing both examiners and applicants with a quick and accurate test processing service.