Data management

Our Vehicle Inspection programs are supported by robust, secure IT that's designed to provide complete transparency and visibility of information, integrate seamlessly with local data systems in any jurisdiction, and maximise system uptime.

Key features include:

World-class infrastructure

Opus' robust infrastructure provides high performance, flexibility and reliability, with world-class security and unlimited scalability via cloud-based servers for cost-effective future expansion. Our automated systems ensure accurate, reliable data collection and analysis for better enforcement and easier program administration.

Secure and resilient data centers

We keep all data collected from inspection stations in secure Opus data centers. If our primary servers fail, systems automatically switch to our back up servers, which are located separately to ensure complete resilience and business continuity. Backups are maintained in secure environments and can be audited at any time.

Maximum storage capacity

Opus provides enough data storage scalability to comfortably manage all program data for the life of a contract. We can maintain program data and inspection results for as long as our clients require, so there is no need to archive or delete data from the system.

Data management features

Database architecture

Opus' Vehicle Inspection Database (VID) collects, stores and analyzes vehicle inspection data, generating information and insight to enable efficient program management.

Interface architecture

We integrate our Vehicle Inspection systems with local data systems in each jurisdiction to ensure seamless and reliable data transfer.

Program administration

Our Vehicle Inspection Database (VID) provides administrators with a powerful collection of tools to help them manage inspection operations efficiently.

Security architecture

Opus has multi-layered security practices to protect systems from cyber attack and failsafe backup to ensure business continuity in the event of a system failure.

Software architecture

Our Vehicle Inspection Database (VID) uses service-oriented architecture (SOA) to optimize the user experience.

Video monitoring

Opus designs and installs customized, web browser-based picture audit and video monitoring applications to improve oversight and quality control.

Data analysis

Opus' Vehicle Inspection Database (VID) offers a powerful suite of data mining tools, enabling program managers to generate reports, analysis and at-a-glance dashboards through a single interface.

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