Remote services and support

We have more than 100 master technicians on hand to provide remote assistance to automotive service technicians when they need it, guiding them through the procedures needed to repair increasingly complex and computerized vehicles.

Autologic Live®

Autologic Live® has four call centers in the UK, U.S. and Australia, with more than 100 master technicians available to provide remote assistance with a wide range of programming and diagnostic tasks. With access to extensive resources, libraries and databases our staff can advise independent technicians to the same standard the vehicle manufacturer would expect within their own dealership network.

The service is integrated with our AssistPlus® diagnostic packages, so our support center experts are able to see the same data at the same time as the automotive service shops.

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Remote Assist Program (RAP)®

RAP® is designed to assist automotive repair and collision technicians with difficult SAE J2534 programming tasks. It's an easy-to-use plug-in solution that helps technicians finish the job correctly, so they can keep the customer’s vehicle in their shop, increase profit and customer satisfaction.

The self-contained RAP® kit includes all the components required for a successful service, including a windows tablet with applicable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software, a J2534 device, battery maintainer and wireless modem (not for customers outside the USA). The RAP® kit can be ordered online at no upfront cost. Instead the customer is charged for the services they use, such as ECU programming, coding, pre/post-scans or calibration checks. The process is very simple: 1) plug in the kit; 2) call the Drew Technologies call centre to schedule an appointment; 3) Drew Technologies remotely guides you through the required service.

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