POSTED 06 January 2020

AutoEnginuity joins Opus IVS

Opus IVS has expanded its service offering in the U.S. diagnostics and collision scanning markets with the acquisition of AutoEnginuity, a leader in multi-brand automotive diagnostics.

AutoEnginuity’s vehicle diagnostics software is recognized for its market-leading coverage and diagnostics capabilities and complements well Opus IVS products and services offerings.

AutoEnginuity’s software provides diagnostic coverage for 56 vehicle brands through an easy-to-use windows interface and is widely used by collision repair shops. The technology will enhance existing Opus IVS products and services – adding capability to both the DrivePro diagnostics and DriveCrash collision scanning platforms.

“We are delighted to welcome AutoEnginuity and its employees to the Opus IVS family,” said Opus CEO Lothar Geilen. “We see a great fit with our existing products and services. Opus IVS can now expand its products and services to cover all brands within the US market.”

“Adding AutoEnginuity’s diagnostic coverage will enable us to offer repair customers more capability through our DrivePro platform, while also strengthening DriveCrash’s position as a technology leader for the U.S. collision scanning industry,” said Brian Herron, President Opus IVS.

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