POSTED 29 May 2018

Opus expands vehicle inspection operations in Argentina

Opus has expanded its business in Argentina with the acquisition of two companies, VTV Norte and VTV Metro, offering vehicle inspection services in the city and province of Buenos Aires. The acquisitions increase Opus’ footprint in Latin America where car ownership is rising fast.

Buenos Aires province has a fleet of more than 5.5 million vehicles. VTV Norte has held a concession in the province for the last 20 years, with five vehicle inspection stations testing more than 330,000 vehicles a year. VTV Metro has a concession to operate two stations in the city of Buenos Aires, and inspected 145,000 vehicles in 2017.

Opus also operates the vehicle inspection concession for Argentina’s second largest city, Cordoba, and has extensive operations in Chile, Mexico and Peru. 

“We are looking forward to working with the governments of the province and city of Buenos Aires to deliver safer roads and cleaner air for citizens,” said Alfredo R. Granai, President, Vehicle Inspection Latin America. “We believe that with Opus’ world-class technology solutions and operational excellence we can further improve service to the people of the city and province of Buenos Aires.”

Both VTV Norte and VTV Metro will continue to trade under their existing names and with the same highly experienced management team and staff.

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