POSTED 05 November 2019

Drew Technologies, Autologic and Bluelink unite to become Opus IVS

Opus companies Drew Technologies, Autologic and Bluelink Diagnostic Solutions are joining together as one business called Opus IVS, focused on helping independent automotive service shops repair the most complex vehicles around the world.

  • Drew Technologies’ is known globally for its vehicle communication technologies, manufacturer-approved tools and flash diagnostic products.
  • Autologic is recognized as a leader in vehicle diagnostics and live technical support, connecting shops to expert assistance from master technicians in real time.
  • Bluelink is a pioneer of remote vehicle communications and programming solutions covering a wide range of vehicle brands and model years.
  • Opus IVS also includes legacy brand Farsight, which has strengthened Autologic and Drew Technologies all-brand diagnostic and service capabilities.

The new business will combine all of these strengths to find new ways to support technicians and give them the confidence they need to repair the most complex vehicles across all major car brands.

More power to help technicians

Autologic and Drew Technologies have been sister companies within the Opus’ Intelligent Vehicle Support division since 2017. Since then, they have combined their expertise and technologies to develop solutions such as DrivePRO® and DriveCRASH®, the next generation of diagnostic platforms, which they jointly launched in 2018.

Opus IVS President, Brian Herron commented: “In a short time we have brought these leading companies together within Opus and leveraged their technology to help technicians repair the most complex vehicles. Rebranding as Opus IVS is the next logical step in our companies’ evolution allowing us to deliver even more advancements to the market under one unified identity that emphasizes our strengths in innovation and diagnostic support.”

For more info about Opus IVS, visit their website

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