Opus Completes Acquisition of ESP Inc. in the U.S.

POSTED 26 January 2012

Opus Completes Acquisition of ESP Inc. in the U.S.

  • Strategic acquisition strengthens Opus’ subsidiary Systech International in U.S. vehicle inspection and maintenance (I/M) market.
  • ESP’s dominant position in the decentralized market of emission inspection equipment sales and service is complementary to Systech’s position as the leader in decentralized I/M program management contracts. 
  • ESP’s vehicle emission testing products align with Systech’s innovative equipment and database technology used in program management contracts.
  • ESP’s expected turnover in 2012 is approx. USD 25 million (SEK 169 million*), contributing to a growth of approx. 65 % to the existing Opus Group.
  • Purchase price paid was USD 9.7 million, which includes a provisional net asset value of USD 5.2 million, whereof cash is USD 0.3 million.
  • The acquisition being financed through existing equity and bank loans, will contribute with approx. SEK 0.05 to the net profit per share beginning 2012.


Opus Prodox AB (publ) (Opus Group) announced today that its subsidiary Opus US, Inc. has completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Environmental Systems Products, Inc. ("ESP") from Envirotest Systems Holdings Corp. which will continue to operate its centralized and Remote Sensing programs under the Envirotest name. The acquisition includes all of ESP’s operations in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. In 2011, ESP is expected to generate approx. USD 27 million in revenues and exceed USD 3 million in EBITDA. The company has approximately 160 employees.

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